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Violet Way Academy

Violet Way Academy


What we offer at Care Club

At Care Club we offer the children within our care a wide range of exciting activities and opportunities which include:

  • Fantastic fun with our great range of toys, games and art and craft activities.
  • Being able to explore our woodland by having campfires, building dens, using our climbing course and general play with their friends.
  • We are able to have use of our very own art room which offers the children lots of different craft activities including using clay.
  • We have use of our brand new I.C.T suite where the children can explore using the I.C.T toys and have fun playing games on the computers.
  • We have a brilliant sports court for all sorts of ball games as well as access to our playground in which the children can play with our bikes and scooters.
Session times at Violet Way Academy:  
Mornings 7:30am - 9am
Evenings 3pm - 6:15pm


Morning Club £3.25 (*Breakfast is available for an extra minimal cost)
Evening Club  £8.00 (Snack is included within this session)


* Breakfast menu Table Heading
Toast 20p
Various Cereals 30p
Yoghurt 30p
Fresh Fruit Salad 30p
Milk 20p
Orange/Apple Juice 30p